5 Programming Tips To Excel

Best Programming Tips To Excel

Wheather you are learning a new Programming language or 

mastering your old one, the below tips will help you in both the 


Programming is an art and learning an Art requires time and


These five tips will help you excel in Programming.

1. Learn by doing

Since to Excel in an Art you have to constantly work on it. Same is the case with 

the programming. You cannot excel in it unless and until you are constantly 

working on it. That means Coding daily can make you perform and think like a 

coder. So just stop daydreaming and Start coding.

2. Practice consistently

It is better to code daily 1 hour everyday in a week than to code 7 hours in one 

day of a week.

Consistently working rather than working randomly will going to pay.

So Code daily and make it your routine.

3. Start with the basics

Before learning anything we should learn its basics.

It is a known fact that if you want to excel in something just learn

the basics first then to move on its complexities since once you

are excel in basic it will become easy to make grip over the 


4. Explore New Things

Explore New things in the language you are learning. That means trying

different things or functionalities in the programming language you are

learning. That will help you in learning the limitations and power of the 

programming language you are learning.

5. Build something you love

Start building something in your language and soon you will find out that your

programming is getting better and better. This is something that takes out the 

hidden development skills inside a person which he doesn't know about.

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  1. Good Tips. I will try to follow.

  2. thanks for sharing it is really helpful to me and appreciate your hard work for this post and I will be waiting for the further lectures So please post as soon as possible. Thanks again.


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